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Life Enrichment Seminars And Healing Ministry

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Life Enrichment Seminars / Healing Ministry is located in the Sacramento Mountains just outside of Cloudcroft, NM.  Seminars / Tours schedules vary depending on attendance and are held in a variety of locations. Some of the individual facilitators are from various parts of the United States and Canada and offer local seminars, classes and sessions in their areas as well as the The New Mexico area.

Life Enrichment Seminars is a totally separate entity from any person or product that we sponsor or support. Therefore we accept no responsibilities and give no guarantees on the content of the individuals we promote.
Life Enrichment Seminars is a division of Kalka Enterprises.

Life Enrichment Distant Healing Ministry is solely offered as a Free Service to anyone and has NO affiliation with any person or party that is sponsored or promoted by Life Enrichment Seminars.

Among our services we offer Spiritual Readings, Energy Work, and Holistic Life Coaching / Counseling via phone, and an online
Free Distant Healing Ministry
via email. (Please see menu on left of page.)

Our goal in this ministry is to bring peace and harmony into the lives of the people searching for abundance of life, by maintaining love and laughter in all aspects.

Please browse our site and remember to; Live, Love and Laugh Every Day!

Life Enrichment Healing Ministry


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