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Spiritual Readings, Energy Work,
Consulting, & Holistic Life Coaching
by Dr. M. P. Kalka, Ph.D.

Dr. M. P. Kalka, Ph. D. founder of Life Enrichment Seminars / Healing Ministry has agreed to do Spiritual Readings, Energy Work and Life Coaching on a limited basis.

Dr. Kalka has been a Metaphysician for over 30 years with a doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling. As a past Southeast U.S. Director / Lecturer for the Silva Method, published author, alternative healing teacher, Tarot / Rune instructor, subjective communication practitioner, distant healer, board certified Holistic Healer and Spiritual counselor, his credentials in Energy Work and Spiritual Readings are unsurpassed. He is also an expert in teaching and relating the activation of the Universal Law of Attraction in your life, to bring about heath, wealth and happiness.

"With his country boy, down to earth personality, you feel that you have know him for years. With Dr. Mike's four week program and his nonjudgmental attitude, he truly helped me to start living, loving and laughing again".
Thanks Dr. Mike!

Ruby H.    Silver City, NM


"I met Dr. Mike several years ago. I was new to the area, struggling to find a good job, trying to adjust to a fairly new marriage and taking care of elderly parents. To say that I had a lot on my plate would be an understatement. In working with him, I learned to see life and approach my challenges from a more peaceful and calm state of mind. In an area famous for paying only slightly higher than minimum wage, I found a job that allowed me to work from home and earn a living comparable with my earnings in BellSouth middle management. My family challenges - ones like we all face - are now only speedbumps instead of gaping holes in the road. Dr. Mike has had such a positive effect on my life - it would be impossible for me to do the improvement in my life justice with mere words. I would need space to dance and sing. If you feel you may have taken the wrong road; made a bad decision; or you just know you need are at the right place. There is a reason you are reading these words. Contact Dr. Mike and take advantage of a program that suits your needs. Happily, your life will be never be the same".

Trisha D., Center Point, Texas


Energy Work   

Dr. Kalka will program, pray, dowse or use subjective communication for your benefit to try and change the influence / energy of the situation you want changed. He will also ask his network of distant healers / energy workers to assist with these task. Changing the negative energy of people, places and things can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life. By balancing energies, it allows us to get balanced ourselves therefore allowing us to see more clearly on a joyful path of life. By just balancing the fear energy in work and home environments, many have reported a completely new positive attitude on life. We have seen miraculous results from the techniques that we use, but keep in mind that we will never do any energy work that will affect anyone's free will or cause harm to anything or anyone. We make no claims, promises or guarantees with this service, but we vow to do our best for you. Energy work is done in three 15 minute sessions over 6 days totaling 45 minutes. (15 minutes every other day) Love offering $65.00

What you will receive:
Programming / Dowsing to reverse negative energies in your home and work environment.
2.)  Dowsing to balance your home and work environment to earth energy.
3.)  Prayer / Programming to neutralize any unhealthy influences of any kind for every cell of your body.
4.)  Programming / Dowsing to encompass you in a protective shield so that any negative intrusions will
       be reversed and have a positive effect or outcome.
5.)  P
rogram, Pray, Dowse, and use Subjective Communication for any situation or influence you wish
       for us to work on.

Payment / Instructions

1.) Please fill in the form below, be specific with your request and submit it.
2.) You will be taken to the payment page.
3.) Chose "Energy Work" and continue to check out.
4.) After Payment Is Complete, Follow "Continue or Return To Merchant" Links
5.) Once payment is received, we will contact you before starting energy work.

Spiritual Readings / Consulting (via Phone Session)  

Dr. Kalka will consult a variety of oracles, (Tarot, Runes and Dowsing) for your specific questions or for your life path direction. The use of multiple oracles, makes for a more accurate reading when the same questions are verified by different sources. Readings / Consulting are scheduled in 30 minute blocks of time for a love offering of $75 each.

What you will receive:
1.)  A minimum of 1/2 Hour Spiritual Reading / Consulting over the phone with Dr. Kalka
2.)  The use of multiple oracles for verification.
3.)  A closing blessing for you and yours.
4.)  Phone charges paid for by Dr. Kalka

Payment / Instructions

1.) Please fill in the form below and submit it.
2.) You will be taken to the payment page.
3.) Chose "Spiritual Reading / Consulting" and continue to check out.
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5.) Once payment is received, we will contact you and schedule your reading.


Four Week - Spiritual Readings,
Energy Work & Life Coaching Program

(via Phone Sessions)

This is the recommended program for life enhancing results. This program is designed for the individual that wants to get a handle on their life and receive direction to their path of living, loving and laughing everyday. This is a powerful program that requires a commitment of a minimum of four weeks.

Dr. Kalka is uniquely qualified to read multiple oracles, such as Tarot, Dowsing, and Runes, and is astute in using these oracles to cross-reference information and energy. In doing so, Dr. Kalka is better able to suggest alternative paths for negative outcomes. He will also use Energy Work
(See Energy Work details above.) for you in order to change any unwanted outcomes. Along with his efforts for you, Dr. Kalka will give you formula type techniques which are practical applications in easy understandable terms that you can use for many different situations for enhancing your life for years to come.
Included is a
Free Pre-Session Interview - Dr. Kalka understands that many people have spent hundreds of dollars for readings and coaching in the past only to find themselves disappointed not only with the reading but also with the reader/coach themselves. This is why Dr. Kalka offers a Free 10 minute pre-session interview with this Spiritual Readings, Energy Work and Life Coaching Program. By doing so, you can get a feel for Dr. Kalka's personality and approach, while at the same time he can get a feel for you and make a determination as to whether he can be beneficial for you.

What you will receive:
1.)  4 - 45 minute phone sessions. One phone session per week on the same day at the same time for one month.
      Sessions include Readings for verification or as requested by you.
2.)  4 - 15 minute energy sessions on your behalf by Dr. Kalka. (See what is included with Energy Work above.)
3.)  A Free 10 Minute Pre-Session Interview
4.)  Phone charges paid for by Dr. Kalka

A love offering for this program is $425.00. If after the initial four week program you and Dr. Kalka agree that more sessions are needed, Dr. Kalka will suggest a projected time period and fee. Most clients feel that after the first month, a single monthly session is adequate to maintain focus. The love offering for this is $110 per session and includes a 45 minute phone session and a 15 minute energy session on your behalf by Dr. Kalka.

Free Pre-Session Interview / Payment Instructions

1.) Please fill in the form below and submit it.
2.) You will be taken to the payment page.
3.) Chose "Spiritual Readings, Energy Work and Life Coaching Program" and
      continue to check out.
4.) After Payment Is Complete, Follow "Continue or Return To Merchant" Links
5.) Once payment is received, we will contact you and schedule your Free Pre-Session Interview. After the interview, if for any reason you feel that our service is not for you, we will issue you a Full Refund Immediately.


Phone Session:.


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Prosperity Prayer
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All that I have
All that I give
And all that I receive.

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