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Bill Cox has been a leading Dowsing and Pyramid expert for forty years, with world wide experience. If you want to learn about Dowsing you have come to the right site. Please explore our pages that include a wide variety of Dowsing Products, including the Original Cameron Aurameter, books, articles and extensive research data by Bill Cox and others.

Bill Cox is internationally respected, for his work as a professional Dowser and was a
protege with the late, Southern California, Dowsing Mentor-Locator, Verne L. Cameron.
Bill's unique Dowsing skills have led to locating water, oil, minerals, ores and
other substances the world over; serving governmental, commercial, agricultural and domestic clients.

Bill Cox, has authored numerous published books and articles which have appeared in international journals, produced the internationally acclaimed 55 minute DVD"Discover Dowsing" as well as writing on the ancient, rediscovered science of Form Energy. In addition, Bill has appeared on
numerous television and radio programs.

He also served as founder and chief editor of the "Pyramid Guide", bimonthly newsletter for nine years. Davina Cox is co-owner with her husband. Both have traveled extensively worldwide,
presenting self-discovery, training workshops on a variety of linear and nonlinear scientific subjects.

Bill Cox has participated in more than 20 exploratory team expeditions to Egypt, Mexico, South America and Islands of the world in search of information which would validate the existence of intuitive (subjective) physics. He has written extensively on this research and for nine years.

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