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Dowsing and Timing Tip

Here's a little Dowsing tip that has rescued me from likely exasperations and failures:

When attempting to detect subtle energy emanations from invisible or hidden things, I frequently observe whether myself, or my instrument are moving too slow or too fast in any given situation. There are definite limits: Slowness and over-caution invite tenseness and doubt. Conversely, excessively hyper movements can cause loss of contact. With sluggishness, we never seem to catch up. We are often admonished by signs saying, that with vehicles: "Speed Kills." Well, with Dowsing it also destroys..., by diconnecting one's Mind and Dowsing Device from the intended source, objective or target. Allow sufficient, but not too much time for your Dowsing instrument to react; most particularly before you enter or leave the immediate energy field containing that which is sought. Find the assured, happy medium that intuitively discriminates between the excesses of drag and haste. Then carefully stay the course, and "Find It."


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is dowsing?

A. With the aid of one's super conscious mind, using a suitable device, one may gain unseen information at a distance, (even through material barriers), about a person, creature, object, substance, place or "thing", beyond the limitations of one's five senses and so-called logical, thinking mind.

  • Dowsing is not just a Gift Miraculously Bestowed upon a Few Persons...
  • Dowsing is an Exact Science, which can be Learned and even Self-Taught...
  • Dowsing works with the aid of the Sub-conscious and Noetic (Intuitional) Minds...
  • Dowsing teaches one to transcend the limitations of the Senses and Logical Reasoning mind.
  • Common Dowsing tools used are a Pendulum, L-Rod(s), Cameron Aurameter, Switch, or other hand held device...
  • Dowse locally, or at a distance, to gain valuable information from any Unseen Thing...
  • With Dowsing locate Moving Objectives and Fixed Targets anywhere the Mind can conceive...
  • Dowsing reaches beyond the usual constraints of Barriers, Time, Distance and Invisibility...
  • Through Dowsing discover Lost, Buried, Sunken or otherwise Hidden Objects and Substances...
  • With Dowsing determine Numbers, Values, Quantities or Qualities associated with Your Quest...
  • Blend Intellect with Intuition according to a pre-established Dowsing Code...
  • Bridge other Planes of possible Knowing with Your Thinking Mind...
  • Dowsing can take Feng Shui Investigation and Analysis to another level...
  • Dowsing allows one to trace the movements of Elusive Chi Flows affecting Your Environment...
  • Dowse to Find, Define and Outline Auras and other Pre-physical Energy Fields...
  • By Dowsing extend Your Sensory Perceptions to Search for Missing Persons and Lost Pets...
  • Discover the exciting and little known Science of Form Energy (Energy of Form)...

Q. How?

A. Combination of mental, emotional and intuitive faculties are focused, in right order, upon the object of one's quest. Presently, the device moves beyond one's physical control, according to a pre established code.

One may also Map Dowse (remote locating by chart). With the aid of an instrument and pointer, the Dowser tracks lines, pathways and coordinates with far-off, fixed or moving objects.

Q. Must one be gifted to dowse?

A. No. Dowsing is an intuitional science and can be learned. Divining is not just a gift miraculously bestowed upon a "few".

Q. Can anyone do it?

A. Yes, with some rare exceptions. But the quality of Dowsing efforts do vary, depending upon how one approaches the work.

One develops one's own intuitive apparatus through ESP But it is NOT Extra Sensory Perception. It is Extended Sensory Perception. There's nothing extra about it. True Dowsing is an extension of one's natural, feeling, intuitive perceptions.

Q. How does one begin?

A. To Dowse, we must have a suitable device and be simultaneously aware on two planes. We live in two worlds; the material outer and imaginative inner worlds of existence. "Higher" (knowing) mind, flourishes within the realms of intuition and responds to noble questions posed by the "thinking" intellect. Quality and quantities of valuable information may be tapped from this great universal source, beyond material considerations.

Q. How Important is the instrument?

A. Some persons actually receive contact from a distant target, buried object or energy field, without the benefit of an instrument. Others claim they make contact with the help of an invisible guide. We have seen convincing demonstrations of this. The former is more voluntary and, in the latter case, responses are usually involuntary.

Too often, great emphasis is placed upon the instrument, with little consideration given to the operator's skill.

Q. What are the limits to dowsing?

A. Applications for Dowsing are ever expanding and seemingly limitless:

One may search for underground water, minerals, oil and ore; buried or hidden objects and substances; treasure, lost valuables, missing persons or pets; downed aircraft, lost vessels at sea; earth's telluric currents, energy rings, spirals and ley lines. One may feel wave-fronts from crystals, blessed objects, symbols, signature emanations and the human aura.

Dowsing is used in archeology; also to pin-point mechanical defects in equipment; to rediscover lost survey markers and buried pipes. One may Dowse for purity in foods and soils for planting. The list goes on and on...

Dowsing, an ancient and true science, may be learned and even self-taught through specific methods revealed in our Discover Dowsing video tape and books.

About Bill Cox Bill Cox (1921- )

Bill Cox, Dowser


He is an active practitioner and author of a number of books, and articles on Dowsing; produced the internationally acclaimed 55 minute video "Discover Dowsing" as well as writing on the ancient, rediscovered science of Form Energy. In addition, Bill has appeared on numerous television and radio programs.

Bill Cox is internationally respected, for his work as a professional Dowser and was a protege with the late, Southern California, Dowsing Mentor-Locator,
Verne L. Cameron, Bill's unique Dowsing skills have led to locating water, oil, minerals, ores and other substances the world over; serving governmental, commercial, agricultural and domestic clients.

Compatible with this work, Bill has made a 20 year study of the two-thousand year old, oriental science of Feng Shui and the various prephysical forces operating in the invisible side of life.

Mr. Cox has participated in more than 20 exploratory, team expeditions to Egypt, Mexico, South America and Islands of the world in search of information which would validate the existence of intuitive (subjective) physics. He has written extensively on this research and for nine years edited and published the "Pyramid Guide" newsletter.


Verne L. Cameron (1896-1970)

Verne L. Cameron

Mr. Cameron first discovered Dowsing in 1926. Within a year he had located several water well sites and springs for neighbors. His astounding professional work brought him international fame. Also, his writings on the subject of Dowsing and energies have continued to be in demand since his passing in 1970.

He invented his first original Cameron Aurameter, which he called a "Water Compass" in 1930. It was finally perfected in 1952 and incorporated the dowsing capabilities of five major locating devices. Tens of thousands of Aurameters are in use throughout the world by Master Dowsers and practitioners. They share an unanimous opinion that the Original Cameron AURAMETER is the most sensitive of all Dowsing instruments.


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